D-Day® long

30 soft capsules à 412 mg = 12.4 g dietary supplement with vitamin D3

What is vitamin D?
D-Day® long contains vitamin D, an essential nutrient for the metabolism with multiple functions. Vitamin D is involved in the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus from the diet and in the maintenance of bones and teeth. However, even the muscles and the immune system need vitamin D for their function.

What is so special about D-Day® long?
Vitamin D supplements there are many. Normally they must be taken every day in order to ensure a regular supply. D-Day® long, an innovation of T&D Pharma is different: One of the easy-to-swallow capsules contains 140 μg (5600 I.U.) of vitamin D3 and covers the need for a whole week. It is best to take the capsules always at the same time, for example, on Sundays for breakfast.

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