Ferro AIWA plus

30 soft capsules à 670 mg = 20.1 g
Dietary supplement with iron, other minerals and vitamins

With Ferro AIWA® plus, our scientists have developed a product that is characterized by a carefully balanced combination of iron, zinc, copper and various vitamins. Vitamins and minerals are indispensable for maintaining healthy life functions. Therefore, they must be regularly taken in sufficient quantities. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life this is not always possible. Here Ferro AIWA® plus can make a valuable contribution as a dietary supplement, especially if sufficient intake with the normal diet is not guaranteed. By the way: Also sufficient exercise and a healthy lifestyle are important for your long-term well-being.

  • Iron contributes to a normal formation of red blood cells and to a normal oxygen transport in the body.
  • Vitamin B12 has a function in cell division and contributes to a normal function of the nervous system.
  • Vitamin C and E help to protect the cells from oxidative stress.

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