Vitamin E AIWA® (268 mg)

Vitamin E AIWA® (268 mg) - Made in Germany

30 soft gelatine capsules à 268.4 mg = 62.8 g dietary supplement with vitamin E

Vitamin E AIWA® (268 mg) is a dietary supplement containing valuable vitamin E.
Vitamin E belongs to the fat soluble vitamins and cannot be produced by the human body and has to be taken in by nutrition. The most common derivatives of vitamin E are the tocopherols. It occurs particularly in plant oils, such as wheat, germ oil, olive oil or palm oil.

Vitamin E helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress.
Vitamin E AIWA® (268 mg) is a suitable dietary supplement especially when the sufficient quantities cannot be provided by an adequate diet. Due to the administration form as a soft gelatine capsule, the intake of Vitamin E AIWA® (268 mg) is pleasant and easy.

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