HCT AIWA 25 mg

Made in Germany
30 tablets

active substance: hydrochlorothiazide

HCT AIWA® 25 mg is a diuretic. By increasing urine excretion, HCT AIWA® 25 mg is able to flush out increased fluid that has accumulated in the tissues and lower the blood pressure.

HCT AIWA® 25 mg is used for:

  • High blood pressure (arterial hypertension)
  • Fluid accumulation in the tissues (oedema) as a result of diseases of the heart, liver or kidneys (cardiac, hepatic and renal oedema)
  • For supportive (adjuvant) symptomatic treatment of chronic heart muscle weakness (chronic heart failure) in addition to ACE inhibitors.

Consideration should also be given to the additional administration of digitalis, particularly in the presence of severe heart muscle weakness (severe heart failure).