Xylo AIWA 0.1 % solution

10 ml nose spray

active substance: xylometazoline

Xylo AIWA 0.1 % solution is a medicine for nasal use (a nasal preparation) and contains xylometazoline, an alpha-sympathomimetic agent.

Xylometazoline has vasoconstrictive properties that narrow the blood vessels. In so doing, it reduces swelling of the nasal lining.

Xylo AIWA 0.1 % solution is used
• to reduce swelling of the nasal lining in rhinitis (runny or stuffy nose), vasomotor rhinitis (sudden bouts of runny nose) and allergic rhinitis
• to improve mucus drainage in sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses) and middle ear catarrh associated with rhinitis.

Xylo AIWA 0.1 % solution is available in packs of 10 ml nasal spray solution.