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Lactulose AIWA 670 mg/ml Solution

Lactulose AIWA® is a laxative.

Packaging sizes

10 / 20

Dosage form

Sachets (15 ml)



Product description

Lactulose AIWA contains a laxative called lactulose. Lactulose draws water into the intestines and softens the stools so they can pass through the intestines more easily. It is not absorbed into your body.

Lactulose AIWA is used:

  • to treat the symptoms of constipation

  • to treat a specific liver disease (portocaval encephalopathy)

The active ingredient is: Lactulose

Lactulose AIWA 670 mg/ml Solution

The active ingredient is lactulose (as lactulose syrup).

One sachet (15 ml) of Lactulose AIWA plum flavour contains 10 g of lactulose.

The other ingredient is plum flavour. The plum flavour consists of plum extract, ethanol, propylene glycol, flavouring and plain caramel colouring

Consumption / intake recommendation

Always take this medicine exactly as described in this leaflet or as your doctor or pharmacist has told you. If you are not sure, check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Take your doses at the same time every day. The dose can be given once a day, for example with breakfast, or divided into two doses a day. Swallow the medicine quickly. Do not keep it in your mouth.

You can take Lactulose AIWA oral solution undiluted or diluted in liquid. Use the measuring cup provided.

You should drink plenty of liquid during treatment with laxatives (approximately 2 litres/day, equivalent to 6-8 glasses).

Packaging scheme

Pack size

10 sachets per pack

20 sachets per pack

1 box

20 packs

20 packs

1 pallet

84 cartons = 1,680 packs

48 cartons = 960 packs


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