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Magnesium AIWA 375 mg - New Batch

Updated: May 22

A new batch Magnesium AIWA 375 mg is available in may of 2024:

Manufacturing date: 05/2024

Expiration date: 05/2027

Only 25 % of the total batch is not already sold. The other 75 % is already preordered by our customers. If you want to get your hands on some Magneisum AIWA contact us today!

We have some changes compared to the last batch:

  • Position and artwork of the "vegan" logo

  • New logo "gluten free"

  • New logo "lactose free"

  • New logo "sugar free"


These are the biggest changes compared to the last packaging design. We have made these changes to give customers an even better overview of exactly what makes our Magnesium AIWA 375 mg special.

One pack contains 20 easy-to-take stick packs. They can be easily torn by hand and then taken directly, without water.

Stickpack Magnesium AIWA 375 mg

More information about Magnesium AIWA 375 mg here:


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