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News at T&D Pharma GmbH

Always stay up-to-date with the latest news and current developments at T&D Pharma.

We offer exciting insights into our everyday life and our work with fascinating products and partners.

Read for yourself!

Our origin

Family-run pharmaceutical company from East Westphalia Lippe, Germany

For more than 20 years we have stood for the best quality Made in Germany.


The licensed pharmacists Saber and Claudia Aiwas started exporting medicines to Iraq in 2004.

As trained pharmacists, you know exactly what is important when it comes to product quality.

Patient safety always comes first!

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Our history

From the simple work as a distributor to obtaining its own GMP and manufacturing license, T&D Pharma always stands for excellent quality.

Read for yourself how T&D Pharma GmbH evolved:

Our Milestones


Founding and working as a distributor for other companies

T&D Pharma GmbH was founded in 2004 by two pharmacists. Saber Aiwas originally from Iraq.


At that time, the quality of medicines in his home country was very poor.


That is why T&D Pharma made it its mission to export products of the highest quality to Iraq. At that time, it was purely a distribution activity.


GMP + Manufacturing Authorization

After 8 years of experience as a distributor, it was clear which products were particularly important.


Therefore, T&D Pharma made it its mission to produce precisely these products itself.


In 2012, T&D Pharma received its own GMP and manufacturing license. This enabled the company to bring its first own products onto the market.


First business in Germany

Until 2017, T&D Pharma was a pure export company.


But then the first patients from Iraq came to Germany and asked for T&D Pharma products in German pharmacies.


One thing led to another and finally in 2017 the first orders were delivered to pharmacies and wholesalers.


International Expansion

Since the successful launch in Germany in 2017, our business has continued to grow. A special milestone was our decision to expand internationally in 2020.

In addition to Germany and Iraq, T&D Pharma is now also active in 14 other countries.

We remain true to our motto and our original strategy for success:

  • We only sell products of the highest quality

  • We only work with our customers on a long-term basis

If you also want to sell T&D Pharma products, please contact us. A specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

T&D Pharma GmbH in Numbers


Years of experience


Different products


Countries in which
T&D is represented

25 Mio.


Products from T&D Pharma GmbH

Quality from Germany

🇩🇪 Our 3 Pillars of Best Quality 🇩🇪




We at T&D Pharma are a certified GMP manufacturer. In addition to our GMP, we also have our own manufacturing license and GDP certification.


Best suppliers and partners

Nothing works without our partners!


That's why we place great value on high quality for all our suppliers and partners. We qualify each individual partner before and regularly during our collaboration. This is the only way we can guarantee our high standards.


Constant updates

We constantly share details from our everyday quality standards. This way you can see for yourself how we work and what makes up our quality. Get exclusive insights behind the scenes.

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