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Magnesium AIWA 375 mg

Food supplements with magnesium and sweeteners

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Dosage form



Food Supplement

Product description

Magnesium is one of the essential minerals and must be consumed in sufficient quantities every day through food. Walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds are particularly rich in magnesium.

Wholemeal flour also contains considerable amounts of the mineral, as do some vegetables, such as spinach. Many mineral waters can also make an important contribution to magnesium supply.

Magnesium requirements can therefore be easily covered with a balanced diet. In practice, however, this is not always the case. Studies show that even in Germany, 26% of men and almost 29% of women do not reach the magnesium intake recommended by the nutritional science associations.

Depending on age, this is 350 to 400 mg per day for adult men, and 300-310 mg per day for adult women.

Extreme heat and intensive muscle strain increase the need for magnesium because the mineral is increasingly excreted through sweat. The body also needs more magnesium during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Magnesium as a vital building block

Magnesium is involved in many metabolic processes in the body, and the mineral is particularly important for muscles and nerves.

It contributes to normal muscle function, as well as normal nerve function and normal psychological function. But that's not all: magnesium is also important for normal energy metabolism and electrolyte balance.

The vital mineral magnesium also contributes to the maintenance of bones and teeth. And let's not forget the contribution of magnesium to reducing tiredness and fatigue.

All of these effects have been investigated and proven in a large number of studies worldwide. There is therefore no longer any doubt about the far-reaching importance of magnesium.

Magnesium AIWA is the ideal dietary supplement when it comes to quickly and easily improving magnesium intake. The modern dosage form as micro pellets in a practical stick pack makes this possible without any water.

The pellets are put directly in the mouth and dissolve quickly. Enjoy the pleasantly fresh orange taste.

Magnesium AIWA 375 mg


Per daily portion

NRV* per daily portion


8 kJ = 2 kcal

< 0.5%




* (Nutrient reference values); Reference amounts for the daily intake of vitamins and minerals (adults) according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011.


Sorbitol, magnesium oxide, acidifier citric acid, thickener carboxylmethylcellulose, flavouring, anti-caking agent magnesium salts of fatty acids, sweetener aspartame.

Contains a source of phenylalanine.

Consumption / intake recommendation

Once a day, place the contents of one stick directly on the tongue, allow it to dissolve slowly and swallow.

Packaging scheme

Pack size

20 stick packs per pack

1 box

38 packs

1 pallet

50 cartons = 1,900 packs


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